I help businesses to be more successful through a better understanding and use of marketing and technology.

When I say more successful, this could mean any of the following:

  • Increasing your sales
  • Getting more prospects and leads
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing, especially online
  • Improving the online experience for both leads and existing customers
  • Ensuring you make the most out of email addresses with effective email marketing
  • Creating engaged fans
  • Helping you develop websites that really work hard for you
  • Helping you to develop online marketing and communication that makes people smile!
  • Ensuring you are automating your marketing processes using effective software
  • Focusing on relevant data to give insight and drive actions
  • Helping individuals and businesses be more effective and more efficient via software, processes and behaviours

Respectful Marketing + Technology = Magic

(more sales, more happy customers and more engaged leads)

How do I work?

Simply put, I meet your needs. Whether it is an emergency and you need immediate support or you feel your need advice on a specific problem or you need something delivering.

Do these sound familiar to you?

  • Are you thinking that technology is moving pretty quickly and you need some help to know what is relevant to you and your business?
  • Are you concerned that your online marketing and your website are perhaps not quite working as they should?
  • Is your current marketing plan not making the most of the online opportunities?
  • Would you like a pipeline of engaged and focused leads?
  • Are you about to sink a boat load of money into some software and you’d like to know whether this is necessary or there is a more cost effective option available?
  • You realise that technology and software can help with your productivity but don’t know where to start…
  • You know you should be using email marketing more but you don’t quite know where to start and what to use…
  • You think you are wasting opportunities with your offline marketing…
  • You are aware that you have some terrific customers but you are missing out on the opportunities that a community can bring…

I can help you with all of these and would love to help you!

Most of my work is based around consultancy. I do deliver projects and manage teams to do this. I work on a per project basis or a daily rate depending on what works best for you.